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A beautiful honesty. Natural, plant-based body & skincare products.

Interview with Nicola for Kāmana Lakehouse

Being time poor – it is the catch phrase of our time. We never seem to have time for ourselves, for our family, for the good of something other than ourselves. When Nicola started Real World, a range of plant-based products for the home and body that started with dishwash liquid, the intention was to gently mitigate cracked hands from constant cleaning and tidying with 4 children. But what has developed from the business values of having a light foot print, combined with a luxury experience, has created purpose and place for people to be good, do good, and feel good. She shares her insights.

Real World essentially started as a solution to cracked hands. I have four children, and my hands were always in water, cleaning, bathing, moping. I tried a lot of dishwash liquids including the eco versions, but none were soothing enough. It really opened my eyes to the chemicals in products. I remember seeing a blue bubble bath for children, and thinking how bad, how incredibly bad, that must be for a child.

My answer for myself and my family was to create my own range of products based entirely on plants. But I also wanted to add an element of luxury, designing them to look good in the now-familiar open plan spaces.

By making really small batches keeping everything fresh. We’re not interested in mass production, and running things as fast as we can. That’s what’s special about this whole process and the relationship we have with clients and customers, is that we are also conscious of what we are making, our output. We don’t just provide a product, but we are part of that community that is consciously slowing down, appreciating the small simple pleasures, minimizing the waste, and treasuring what’s important – ourselves, our family and our environment, and being part of something that however small matters on a larger scale.

– Nicola Mossman, founder of Real World New Zealand

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