Well, gosh, what a time we are in. What an amazing opportunity we have to pour extra time and attention into our relationships, to think of others, to slow down, evaluate, and reflect. We may never get this kind of opportunity again. So let’s make the most of it.

There are a lot of things we can’t control in life right now, and that is hard. Let’s challenge ourselves to shift our focus to the things we can control. The way we treat others, the space we make for quality time and connection, the energy we pass on to others and put into our home environments.

This is an optimal time to change up our busy lifestyles and start some new habits that will stick after this time of isolation is over. We don’t have to rush. We don’t have to have tidy homes.. I’m just going to repeat that.. We do not have to have tidy, presentable homes! Who cares, there is no one coming to visit! Always stay hygienic people but if house work is taking priority over something that is really more important then just leave the laundry unfolded and go watch the clouds with your kids or have a long and meaningful conversation with a friend; you have time!

Really when you think about it, this may be the only time in most of our lives when we absolutely have the opportunity to slow down and reset. These little things that we choose to put first will ultimately decide the outcome of this time in our lives.

Yes, we can probably expect some hard days. Our lives have changed overnight and there are things and people we are missing, there is a lot of uncertainty. Take each day as it comes and try not to have expectations of others. We each have the power to decide how we come out of this time. Will you choose to come out better? Will you encourage others to do the same? What are your goals for this period? If you don’t have any, make some! Aim to do the little things that you still have control of well.

Whether you are in survival mode home with lots of crazy kiddies, or in a quiet house and missing your social life, we are all in different places and situations, but we are in this together! Lets try our best to embrace this time and make conscious decisions to come out of it better people, closer with our loved ones and more in touch with our thoughts and feelings.

Let’s start the journey of enjoying the little things in our lives and doing them well, so that when we look back at this whole experience we are filled with a sense of joy and we have lasting happy memories of that time when we were forced to slow down.