Crushes Amber Candles


These Candles by Crushes are what we are calling Alchemist-Chic. Simple and modern with a scientific feel. Alchemists Amber Jar, with black lid filled with wonderfully fragrant soy wax.

Hand poured in New Zealand

The Coffee One: Strong, almost alcoholic, coffee scent that will be sure to give you that caffeine fix you need when a cuppa isn’t on hand.

The Cream One: Based on a rich Vanilla scent, to make you think of Ice Cream, and whipped cream in your coffee! Pairs perfectly with the Crushes Coffee Candle.

The Floral One: Based on the wonderfully fragrant Wild Honey Suckle flower. This beautiful scent makes us think of summer nights sitting in the garden under the stars.

The Fresh One: Based on a delicious watermelon fragrance. The watermelon scent is sweet yet somehow still lovely and fresh, and super summery!

The Sunny One: Based on a Pina Colada scent that will transport you to a poolside, sipping on a delicious cocktail.

The Sweet One: Based on a candy/fairy floss scent, we’re talking delicious fluffy pink sugary magic that will melt in your mouth.

Approximate burn time of  30 hours



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