Soda Press Organic Kombucha Concentrate – Cola Nut & Kaffir Lime


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This live organic, low sugar, probiotic drink is handcrafted over a 45 day small-batch process.

Natural cola nuts with notes of rosemary, lavender and cinnamon combine with hints of kaffir lime.

  • With one bottle making around 12 drinks, that’s a significant saving on existing pre-carbonated bottles, not to mention all the bottles you have saved being produced.
  • Soda Press Original Kombucha Syrup has a traditional sharp and slightly sour flavour with the addition of subtle crisp apple and peach notes.
  • Adults and kids alike can get creative with flavours by adding a dash of their favourite Soda Press Organic Soda syrup, making healthier sodas, mixers, cocktails and mocktails.
  • Handmade over 45 days, the high probiotic content helps promote a healthy gut that contributes to many other aspects of healthy living.
  • We have a gut feeling you’ll love it.

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