Triumph & Disaster – Natural Deodorant


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This deodorant works with the body’s natural rhythm. It’s not about stopping sweat. To do so is reckless and ignores the body’s natural function. Humans are designed to sweat, armpits in particular, have evolved as a key area to release toxins. Mess with this at your peril. Sending toxins from your armpits back into the body to overload other parts of our excretion and perspiration systems is not something we’re interested in risking for the sake of a notion of self-confidence or curing minor discomfort.

A great natural deodorant formula should be a combination of two things: a serving of delicious botanical fragrance on the left and on the right, a cocktail of natural anti-bacterial compounds that are all gentle on your skin, but make it a rough night out for odour-causing bacteria.

Triumph & Disaster’s low pH deodorant attacks the bacteria causing odour with natural sodium bicarbonate and botanicals as well as applying a bespoke fragrance to neutralise odour.

Size: 50ml

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